Language Translation

At Himalaya Technology Solutions we have years experience specializing in English to Nepalese translation. Our focus is high quality, professional, and accurate translations in several industry markets including webpages, documents, and also video and audio media

At Himalaya Technology Services we understand how important accurate translation can be for your personal documents or business, so we take the utmost care to ensure the final product represents the way you and your business intended.

Industries we serve

We translate documents into all of the following languages:







• Mandarin
• Russian
• Indonesian
• Arabic
• Romanian
• Vietnamese
• Marathi
• Malayalam
• Nepali
• Hindi

• Punjabi
• Gujarati
• Oriya
• Assamese
• Telugu
• Kannada
• Tamil
• Bengali
• Urdu

Translation Workshop Support

Many groups in the Nepalese region are setting up translation workshops for other translators to gather and focus on various projects. We have vast experience when it comes to this and can give your project the support it needs. From technical support, to actual translation, Himalaya Technical Solutions can help you complete your project in a professional timely way.

Most quotes issued within just a few hours!

Email us today. We would love to discuss your translation project with you in detail.