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Translation Workshops

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Translation Workshop Support

Running a remote translation workshop has its own unique set of challenges. Most places around the world don’t have power or internet connectivity. Many times there are several solutions to a problem, and in some cases there are very few. Every workshop is unique.

We specialize in IT support for remote location workshops. From something as simple as computer support to a full communication package, we can help most any need.

Remote Connectivity

In some cases you may need communication in the most remote places. We have the technology to help you communicate even when there’s no power. Himalaya Technology Solutions can provide the communication hardware as well as a professional work-space for you and your business to communicate with any part of the world.

IT Consulting

For businesses and projects that want to maximize employee productivity and profitability, it’s important to get the right advice. We have many years of experience to guide you and are committed to delivering quality IT Consulting and Support services. Some of our services include the following:


Virus Removal and Prevention



Wireless Router Installation



Remote Communication



Solar Panel Applications



Software Updates



Disk Performance Optimization


Computers and
everything else

We also sell computers tailored specifically to your needs. Computers come in many configurations as well as prices. It’s not cost effective to get the cheapest computer when it costs you time working, nor would you need the most expensive of computers for the simplest of tasks. We’re here to serve and guide you towards the best possible solution that fits your needs.

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We understand how confusing and difficult it can be trying to navigate the maze of technology available. Everyone says they are the best or have exactly the product you need for the job. We give advice from a point of experience. Contact us and see for yourself how we can help with your next project or business.